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FSo Cabinet.

  • For low-voltage electrical assembling
  • Outdoor use
  • IP 65 protection degree
  • Ideal for sheltering telecommunications equipment
  • Enables lateral and rear coupling
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Thermal insulation in PU
  • Shape in carbon steel
  • KTL immersion painting technology
  • External finishing by electrostatic process
  • Antitrust protection
  • Sealing in expanded polyurethane without splicing and the use of glues
  • Product submitted to rigorous tensile strength tests
  • Attested quality and durability
  • Easily customizable product
  • Can be supplied with climate control system from factory

Electrical cabinet with IP65 protection grade for low-voltage electrical installations in outdoor environments. This model is mainly used in telecommunication installations. With significant advantages in relation to existing products, the FSo is considered the best market option in terms of technical and economic aspects.

This model has an innovative shape made from carbon steel. Despite the shape being in carbon steel, the cabinet is extremely resistant to oxidation and aging due to the innovative KTL painting process, the same technology used in the auto parts and automobile industries. Therefore, KitFrame offers to clients the option to reduce costs without losing product reliability and safety. The external finish is made by electrostatic process and polyester-based paint powder color RAL 7035.

The internal accessories optionally installed inside the shape enable several component mounting combinations with flexibility and safety.

All models can be installed with air conditioning from the factory - heat exchangers of air conditioners. The outdoor air conditioners have an exclusive DC ventilation system that function during power outage or air conditioner failure, removing the excess heat and enabling an uninterrupted functioning of of the cabinet's internal components.

KitFrame's electrical cabinets can be easily customized to adapt to the client's project. The construction concept of this product enables the manufacturing of large quantities in a short delivery term.

Under construction.

Standard Supply:

4 height forms, 4 width forms, 1 door, 1 floor, 2 side covers and 1 rear cover


The cabinets can be purchased in the assembled or semi-assembled versions (see logistics)

Extra Accessories:

  • Support rails
  • Mounting plate
  • Bottom sill
  • Coupling corner piece
  • Coupling support
  • Hoisting rings
  • Air conditioners
  • Air/Air heat exchanger
  • Air/Water heat exchanger

Technical Support:

The products receive specialized technical support