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Air / Water heat exchanger

  • Designed for electrical panels and telecommunications enclosures
  • Applications indoor or outdoor
  • AC and DC power supply
  • Remove the heat generated within the cabinet or panel
  • High tensile strength protection
  • Cooling capacity of 1000 to 2500 W
  • Uses water as heat transfer medium
  • Easy maintenance
  • Full technical support
  • Incomparable cost/benefit ratio
  • The electrical panels or telecommunications cabinets manufactured by KitFrame can be supplied with heat exchanger installed
Trocador de calor AR / ÁGUA

The Uniklima Air/water heat exchangers are specially designed and built for use in electrical panels and telecommunications cabinets. The equipment's flexibility enable its use in indoor and outdoor, environments, without losing service quality. Thanks to its compact size, low cost of operation and easy maintenance, the air/water heat exchangers are the ideal solution to an effective removal of heat and control of temperature inside the panels and cabinets, where it utilizes chilled water.

The air/water heat exchangers of the KLW series to prevent loss from electrical components inside the components or electrical cabinet, as well as the addition of heat generated by the outside environment and sunlight, also ensuring operation in the ideal temperature of all components within the panel with the extension of their service life.

The cooling equipment is submitted to strict operation tests in several climatic conditions.

The product line has equipment with heat exchange capacity at the range of 1000 to 2500 W.

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Model (Capacity)

Standard Supply:

1 Air/Air Heat Exchanger of the KLW series.

Technical Assistance:

The products receive specialized technical support.